Virtual Peer Review Workshop for Early Career Researchers

as part of the OUI2021 post conference program

Wednesday 23rd June 2021 3:30PM (CET)

OUI conference participants are invited to join the Virtual Peer Reviewing Workshop for Early Career Researchers with Gloria Barczak (Northeastern University) and Abbie Griffin (University of Utah) on Wednesday 23rd June 2021 3:30PM (CEST).

The workshop is part of the #OUI2021 post conference program and is designed to provide a foundation for early career researchers (PhD students and junior faculty) to enhance their skill at delivering high quality, professional, and constructive reviews to academic peers. The workshop will provide an overview of what constitutes a high-quality review, the myriad benefits of reviewing, the expectations (5 R’s) of high-quality reviewers, and a reviewing template.

  • The number of participants is limited to 30
  • Acceptance of registration for the workshop is on a first come, first served basis
  • OUI2021 conference registration is required
  • OUI2021 participants interested in attending this workshop should pre-register until June 9 via:

In order to prepare for the seminar, participants will be sent the articleEffective Reviewing for Conceptual Journal Submissions” by Griffin and Barczak, AMS Review, (2020) 10:36–48 to read one week prior to the workshop.

Part A:  Motivation for the Article/Book

  • Importance of Peer Review
  • The Problems
  • Definition of a “High Quality Review”

Part B: Pedagogy

  • Why it is important to review? What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)
  • Expectations of Reviewers – The 5 R’s
  • Types of papers one may expect to review

Part C: Review Template

  • Review Template

Part D: Q&A