We are looking forward to receiving submissions BEFORE MARCH 1, 2021 to the following conference tracks:

  • Open Social Innovation: Healthcare, Sustainability, and Societal Challenges (including OUI reactions to COVID-19)
  • Open and User Innovation Platforms;
  • Lead users, Toolkits, and User Identification;
  • Firms‘ Capabilities and Interaction for Open and User Innovation;
  • Crowdsourcing and Distributed Problem Solving;
  • Crowdfunding and User Entrepreneurship;
  • Institutions, Innovation Law, and Intellectual Policy;
  • Open Software, Open Hardware, and Makers;
  • Diffusion of Open and User Innovation;
  • The Internet of Production: Industry 4.0, User Process Innovation, and Open Data Ecosystems.

Like in the previous years, two types of contributions are invited:

  • Full paper presentations (10-15 minutes plus Q&A) – to report research that has been completed
  • Short presentations (4 minutes) – to present a research idea, seek research collaboration, describe a research design, or report work-in-progress.

The submission system provides you all information how to structure your submission (you don’t need to write a paper, but will provide an abstract and answer four additional questions about your research).

Interested in presenting your latest research at OUI2020+1? Then please follow the link to the submission system and fill out the submission form by March 1, 2021: https://forms.gle/APsYkSJhdQski3Xg8