OUI Virtual Stay in Touch Edition

For the OUI community to stay in touch despite the postponed OUI2020 there will be a virtual OUI mini conference on September 16, 2020.

Please find the preliminary program below (virtual conference starts 9am EDT, 3pm CEST):

9:00 Welcome, check-in and Updates on OUI 2020 and OUI 2021
9:15 Opening Talk (Eric von Hippel)
9:35 Panel I – Research Updates: Members of the OUI community share their latest work in short research pitches
10:00 Break and online networking
10:15 Paper Session: Presentation of selected papers submitted to OUI 2020
11:00 Break and online networking
11:15 Open User Innovation Case Study: Patient Innovation
11:30 Panel II – Research Updates: Members of the OUI community share their latest work in short research pitches
12:00 Community Announcements
12:10 Official end
12:15 Open end virtual roundtables


OUI 2021 will be held at RWTH Aachen, one of the leading institutes of technology in Europe and the heart of German engineering. Your host will be the Institute for Technology & Innovation Management (RWTH TIM) at RWTH’s School of Business & Economics.

Organized by the Open & User Innovation Society since 2002, the Open and User Innovation Conference (OUI) brings together about 200 to 300 researchers from around the world to exchange recent research findings and plans related to new developments in open and user innovation.

The community of scholars meeting at OUI is characterized by a very open, developmental academic culture sharing plenty of feedback and ideas. The OUI is truly multidisciplinary, covering disciplines such as innovation management, strategic management, organization design, marketing, intellectual property rights, entre­preneur­ship, and public policy, but also health care, psychology, and industrial engineering and design.

State-of-the-art research findings will be shared on topics like:

  • Open Social Innovation: Healthcare, Sustainability, and Societal Challenges;
  • Open and User Innovation Platforms;
  • Lead users, Toolkits, and User Identification;
  • Firms‘ Capabilities and Interaction for Open and User Innovation;
  • Crowdsourcing and Distributed Problem Solving;
  • Crowdfunding and User Entrepreneurship;
  • Institutions, Innovation Law, and Intellectual Policy;
  • Open Software, Open Hardware, and Makers;
  • Diffusion of Open and User Innovation;
  • The Internet of Production: Industry 4.0, User Process Innovation, and Data Ecosystems.

Important Dates:

  • June 21-22, 2021: Main conference dates